Parafex Corporation innovative production optimization services
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The Service

Parafex offers our customers a proprietary insitu mechanical/chemical solution for the continuous removal of paraffin from their production process. PARAFEX’s team of highly experienced professionals ensures that our customer’s requirements will be handled on time, accurately, and with the most advanced paraffin removal techniques on the market today. Complete mobilization of equipment, laboratory analysis, site inspection, infrared scanning and environmental compliance are easily addressed providing our customers with a high level of comfort in knowing that their project will be professionally managed.

The Products

Parafex has developed a range of proprietary chemical formulations that are extremely effective agents for reducing paraffins in producing oil systems. These range from organic products that disrupt the polarity of paraffin molecules and suspend the paraffin into the product fluid to proprietary solvents which dissolve hydrocarbon deposits completely. Our organic products possess excellent filming properties providing a molecular/metallic bond that will resist further wax deposits as well as acting as a biocide/corrosion inhibitor.


Wellbore and Flowline Maintenance

PARAFEX’s proprietary process disburses and removes paraffin buildup from clogged tubulars. This is accomplished by utilizing Parafex X30. Parafex X30 not only removes the wax but also inhibits the future potential wax buildup, unlike hot oiling and solvent treatments, by coating the producing system with an organic chemical film. This provides the customer with customized maintenance programs tailored to their needs. Parafex’s service is non-intrusive and therefore can be performed without the requirement of a well being shut in, eliminating lost production time and revenues.

Process Facilities: Treaters, Separators, Manifolds, Knockout Drums, Downhole Pumps:

Parafex’s Thermal - Chemical service has consistently been proven effective in removing entrapped paraffin from the above process equipment returning them back to their original operating efficiency.


  • Can be used on most process equipment
  • Environmentally friendly non regulated chemicals
  • Flat rate well service program
  • Continuous rods serviced in place
  • Lightweight service vehicles
  • Paraffin removal in process piping


  • Broad range of field applications
  • Environmental liability eliminated, Elimination of other costly and caustic chemical processes
  • Elimination of unknown field costs
  • Substantial service cost reduction
  • Wells can be serviced during spring breakup
  • Reduction in pressure drop and power consumption


Parafex introduces the all new F.I.R.S.T. system to remove formation skin damage caused by years of HotOiling and chemical interventions. The Formation Inflow Remedial Service & Treatment has been developed utilizing PARAFEX’s extensive experience in remediating producing wells and repairing well damaged caused by operator error.


Our goal is to provide our customers with an environmentally friendly, safe and highly effective means of removing paraffin from wells and process equipment. This process will ensure that our customers will benefit from a substantial recovery of their hydrocarbon deposits, increased storage capacities, and improved operating performance resulting in increased revenues. These benefits in conjunction with our process’s positive environmental impact result in a large reduction in corporate liability for the disposal of hazardous waste and will ensure an excellent ongoing relationship with our customers.